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Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB) in Chile has boldly stepped into the future of education by implementing an AI-based virtual tutor for its Canvas LMS. This innovative solution arose from the need to provide constant support to students, freeing up teachers' time and improving the overall quality of the educational process.

Before the implementation of the virtual tutor, UNAB faced the challenge of meeting high student demand and responding to queries in a timely and effective manner. Teachers were overwhelmed by the need to dedicate significant time to answering questions after hours, providing personalized attention to each student, planning classes, preparing for exams, and other academic activities.

Our team developed this virtual tutor as a visual component that can be integrated with Canvas using AWS Bedrock Gen AI. It dynamically adapts to the specific content and bibliographic material of each subject, providing accurate and relevant answers to student queries in real time. For scalability and minimal operational cost, it uses AWS Lambda as the computational engine. This allows it to handle the highly variable number of queries depending on the timing of the academic calendar.

One of the most outstanding features of the application is its customization capability, which allowed us to align with the university's branding. Additionally, the software's adaptability has been key to its success.

UNAB trusted Bitlogic to carry out this ambitious project, given the experience and skills of our team to offer advanced technological solutions that transform the educational experience. As AWS partners, early access to Bedrock's generative AI services allowed an early delivery of the virtual tutor.

While efforts are ongoing to gather quantifiable data on the student experience, UNAB asserts that the tutor has proven successful since its initial implementation, showcasing its effectiveness in delivering responses aligned with the course textbooks. Highlighted on their blog are some of the initial benefits UNAB has observed in their blog:

  • Smooth and accurate learning process: Since it uses all the required study material for each subject, adapting to the student's learning level.
  • Learning 24/7: As it assists students at any time of the day, every day of the year, with total availability and exclusive dedication. This point is especially noteworthy given the increase in its enrollment of students who work and attend classes or study at night.

This success story not only highlights UNAB's capacity for innovation but also our team's commitment to providing advanced technological solutions that transform the educational experience and position academic institutions at the technological forefront.

Andrés Bello National University and our team are leading the way to a more efficient, personalized, and technologically advanced educational future. This exciting project demonstrates the power of collaboration between academic sphere and the tech industry to drive change and improve the quality of education around the world.

Carla Buffalo
Carla Buffalo
Engineering Manager