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Cloud Solutions

Take your applications to the cloud. With our expertise and understanding of AWS architecture, we can seamlessly migrate existing applications or craft new solutions that harness the cloud's availability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, requiring minimal maintenance.
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Cloud Native Assessment

Our Cloud Native Assessment (CNA) provides a comprehensive overview of your organization's current technological landscape, processes, and cultural alignment. With this information, we can develop a strategic plan to modernize your organization and maintain a competitive edge.

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Cloud Native Solutions

We specialize in migrating your legacy monolithic applications and crafting new solutions based on scalable microservices architecture in the cloud. This approach enables agile support, maintenance, and evolution, ensuring your technology ecosystem keeps pace with the dynamic needs of your business.

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Cloud DB and Storage

Your data is securely protected in the cloud. Leveraging a suite of database services including RDS, DocumentDB, and DynamoDB, alongside storage solutions like S3, EFS, and Glacier, we ensure your data is replicated across zones, regularly backed up for swift recovery, and can be stored for extended periods at minimal cost.

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AWS Build and Deployment Infrastructure

Develop new solutions without worrying about tool management. Our DevOps experts will create your engineering environments and the best cloud infrastructure to accelerate your developments.
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IT Infrastructure monitoring

We set up, integrate, and monitor your engineering and production environments, ensuring high availability of your work tools and productive services.

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Cloud Sec Ops

Process automation significantly reduces the costs and time associated with creating or modifying environments, while also mitigating the risks inherent in manual infrastructure management. Additionally, security practices are meticulously documented within the same repository as your applications, providing you with enhanced visibility and traceability of all changes.

Success Stories

city hall appointments scheduler
City Hall Appointments Scheduler

"From standing in the line on the sidewalk, to scheduling appointments while having a coffee."

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Universidad Siglo 21

"With infrastructure and cloud services, AWS supports Universidad Siglo 21's commitment to contribute to the education and development of all of Argentina."